SportsEngine Registration: Hayward Sports Center & Community Park

Summer 2024 Rink Rat Pass



Welcome to the 2024 Spring and/or Summer Open Ice  Youth Rink Rat Pass


Summer Ice!

The Hayward Sports Center will be keeping ice in the South Rink for the summer 2024! That means you can skate!!

Rink Rat or open play hockey is a great way for your skater to gain skills, get time on their skates and most importantly have fun!


A Rink Rat Pass is used for age specfic open ice times that are on the schedule of the Hayward Sports Center. The times of these open ice openings will vary and a parent or guardian is required to superivse the open ice time. Therefore, we ask that you DO NOT drop your child off at the rink without going inside or checking to know that a parent will be present. Random checks will be done throughout the spring and summer. If skater does not have a Rink Rat pass, they will be charged $200.



Hayward Sports Center 2023-2024 Season Skaters:

  • If your skater is signed up for the Defense Skills Camp, Girls Girls Girls Camp or Goalie Camp your Rink Rat Pass is FREE! (no need to sign up, you will recieve it automatically)
  • Summer (June, July, August) = $100

Skaters from other Areas:

  • Summer (June, July, August) = $125


  • Open Ice - Check the Calendar at
  • Make sure you are signed into your SportsEngine Account in the top right of this page in order to see the "continue" button at the bottom of this page to register. 
  • There will be random checks throughout the summer and on LiveBarn.  If it is found that a skater does have a pass, a $200 fee will be assessed immediately.  



Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Carrie Romsos

Communications Director

Phone: 715-634-4791