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2019-20 Figure Skating Registration


Welcome to the 2019-20 Figure Skating Registration!

This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit payment.

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. 

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Learn to Figure Skate (LTFS): 

$100 + 12 hours Volunteer time and Raffle 

This is a group lesson-30 minutes in duration 1 x week; usually Friday evenings; + 1 hour practice ice per week 

This group class is for skaters 3 and above, who have successfully completed the "Learn to Skate" (LTS) program or possess basic skating abilities and have never been registered in figure skating. 

Skaters will be instructed in Basic 1 and Basic 2 of the United Figure Skating Basic Skills Curriculum. 

Basic Skills-Basic 2-8 

$300 + 20 Volunteer hours & Raffle 

This is a group lesson-30 minutes in duration 1 x week; usually Friday evenings; + 1 hour practice ice per week. 

This group class is taught to skaters of all ages as designed by the United Skates Figure Skating Basic Skills Curriculum. Skaters will learn the basics of Figure Skating from beginning forward skating all the way to beginning jumping and spinning. 

This class will cover Basic 2-8 levels. 

Individual Instruction: 

Once a skater attains the level of Basic 4 or higher, they have the option of more specialized instruction. Skaters in Basic 4 though Free Style 2 participate in Semi Private or Private levels of instruction, per instructor recommendation. 

Semi-Private - Basic 4-Free Style 6 

$440 + Instructor Fees + 20 hours volunteer time and Raffle 

2 skaters per Instructor for 20 minutes + approximately 5 hours practice ice time available. 

2 skaters of equal ability are paired together for a 20 minute lesson or 1 skater for a 10 minutes lesson. 

Private-Free Style 3 and higher 

$500 + Instructor Fees + 30 hours Volunteer time and Raffle 

1 Skater per Instructor for 20 minutes + approximately 5+ hours practice ice time available. 

This level is for the skater pursuing the more advanced figure skating disciplines. Skaters have the option to progress Nationally through the United States Figure Skating Testing Structure and to also compete locally and Regionally. 

Skaters who have completed Free Style 2 and higher may register at this level. 


Family Maximum Volunteer Hours  - 35 Hours

Volunteer buy out- $25 per Volunteer Hour


Please direct questions to:

Jill Gajewski


Phone: 715-634-4791